Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Meet our newest Journeyperson, Brandon Klassen

Congratulations to Brandon Klassen on completion of his AST apprenticeship and graduation as a Red Seal, Automotive Service Technician. Brandon completed his 4th and final session of training at Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formerly SIAST) this past February with an overall mark of 97% when combining theory and practical hands-on. No mark was below 93%, Wow!!

Brandon started as a service assistant/technician helper, and has been a valuable member of the Crestview team ever since. During this time, his attention to detail and customer focus has been appreciated by co-workers and our customers alike. He has demonstrated a keen desire for accurate on-time diagnosis and repair. Along with Brandon’s natural ability he has also benefited working with and alongside Dave Wiebe our head technician; one of the most talented technicians in North America and winner of the “Technician of the Millennium” contest, that tested skills and abilities of technicians across North America.

Whether you come to Crestview Auto Service for maintenance services, routine repairs or diagnosing of electrical malfunctions and drivability concerns, you can be sure you are getting the very best. The Crestview team is here to ensure you get the most from the money you spend on your vehicle.

We’ll Keep Your Car Young a Long Time

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Crestview Auto Service in the community

The E.D. Feehan High School fundraiser Gala is April 18th 2015 complete with Cocktails, Dinner, and Silent Auction. 100% of the proceeds from the E.D. Feehan Fundraiser Gala will go towards the student activity budget to help all struggling students participate in school activities. To help raise the needed funds, Crestview Auto Service is donating a toolbox with a retail value of $1100 for auction at the E.D. Feehan Fundraising Gala on April 18th 2015.

“E.D. Feehan High School is a vibrant, diverse community. The Feehan family prides itself on celebrating the rich cultural activities that give life to our school. Currently, 38% of our students identify as First Nations or Metis and 30% of our students speak English as an additional language. We are truly a gifted community. Unfortunately, many of our families also struggle with poverty and the social and health issues associated with poverty. This also has an impact on the student activities and experiences that we are able to offer. Non-curricular student activities – such as athletics, our pow wow dancing club, robotics, drumming club, drama guild, transportation to events, uniforms, equipment, student leadership activities, school celebrations – are funded through student fees: fees that many of our families are unable to pay. 100% of the proceeds from the E.D. Feehan Fundraiser Gala will go towards the student activity budget, ensuring that students at our school receive the kind of experience that a student in any other part of the city would receive. Our students are worth it!”

Friday, 13 March 2015

Vehicle Maintenance Made Easy: Oil Change Service

Use the Service Assistant tab on our web page. It is an amazing resource for you to see how the different components on your vehicle function and what we do to ensure a long trouble-free life for your car, truck or SUV.

Follow this link to see more about oil change service (* Please note, if using Chrome it may ask to save to your computer instead of opening in a new window. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to get this fixed):  http://mynapatools.com/media/animations/Oil_Change_A.mov

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

(P4) Canadian Tidbits

(P4) Tidbits of information about Canada that you may never need:

Did you know? 

  •  60% of new car sales in Canada last year were purchased using a loan.
  • 52% of used car sales in Canada last year were purchased using a loan.
  • 69% of car loans last year were on a term of 72 months or more.

(Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry, 2015).

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