Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tires: Ask A Trusted Saskatoon Tire Expert

Questions about your tires? Looking for winter tires? Need a tire repaired?

Crestview Auto Service is proud to be a Trusted Saskatoon Tire Expert
Contact us at (306) 244-6522 or book online at www.crestviewautoservice.ca

Check out our video for some tire care tips… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bakfOz_7CuA

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Maintaining That New Vehicle Warranty - Who can service your new car or truck?

It makes a person feel good the first time they drive away from the dealership in their new vehicle. That new car smell is in the air: at least for a few months, it makes you feel great!

Unfortunately it doesn't stay new and you will need to look after it so it doesn't depreciate too fast. Routine maintenance is part of the cost of transportation and looking after your vehicle properly is a sure way to help lower the cost of transportation, because a properly operating vehicle uses less fuel is much more reliable to get you where you need to be and get you back home. Performing the recommended services on time allows you to keep your vehicle for many years, reducing your overall cost of transportation.

So what should you do about servicing your new vehicle or even one you've had for a while? What does the owner’s manual say? Does it say you have to go back to the dealership you bought it from or can you go to the repair shop of your choice?

What it will say, is that you need to perform a minimum amount of required maintenance and keep a record of it, in order to maintain the warranty coverage and use parts that meet or exceed the specifications in the owner’s manual. It will also recommend the services be performed by qualified people, this means it doesn't have to be the dealership, only a reputable repair facility that uses the proper fluids and filters along with other maintenance items. Crestview Auto Service is your dealership alternative.

At Crestview Auto Service we look forward to helping you get the most out of your vehicle, your manufacturer warranty and extended warranties.

All our filters, fluids and maintenance items meet or exceed your warranty requirements. Our goal is to help you have a reliable vehicle; one you can trust to take you anywhere and get you back home. When you bring us your vehicle that is under warranty for servicing, part of our job is to make sure you are aware of any concerns that are covered through your vehicle warranty. This way when you bring a warrantable concern about your vehicle to the dealership, they will look after you. We will keep all records of maintenance or repairs done to the vehicle, and if a warranty concern comes up and the records are needed they will be readily available for you or if you would like, we could send them directly to the dealership on your behalf.

If you go to the dealership with a concern that is under warranty, the dealership will do all they can to rectify the problem and solve it under warranty. The catch is you need to tell them there is a problem. Logically, most people think when they take their vehicle to the dealership for routine service, that they are getting a warranty inspection at the same time. It makes sense this would happen, but most often they will only get what the maintenance service calls for. The dealership technicians are not allowed to “look for warranty work”. This mandate comes right from the manufacturers, as they are the ones that control your warranty, not the dealer.

At Crestview Auto Service “We’ll Keep Your Car Young a Long Time”

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

What are DRLs?

Daytime Running Lights (DRL) have been installed on cars for many years now. This makes it much easier to see an oncoming vehicle than one without DRL’s.

How often do you notice a vehicle traveling at dusk or in the dark without tail lights?

Did you know?

Most often the driver is unaware they cannot be easily seen from behind or the side. Inside the vehicle the dash is lit up, they can see where they are going and they assume the tail lights are on. As drivers, we need to be aware of the exterior lighting on our vehicles.

If your vehicle has an "AUTO" setting for your headlights it is best to use that setting, all exterior lighting will come on at dusk, off at dawn and others will be able to see you. If you don’t have an “AUTO” setting you must turn the lights on and off yourself.

Another thing to remember is to turn your lights on anytime we have inclement weather, as the “AUTO” setting may not sense that the lights need to be turned on.

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Congratulations to...

The lucky winner of this heavy duty duffle bag was Vanessa Froese!

Congratulations to Vanessa! She won our most recent Facebook contest, guessing closest to the actual number of valve stems and then winning the three way tie! Like our "Crestview Auto Service" Facebook page to be notified about upcoming contests and your chance to win. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

“Why do wheels need to be re-torqued?”

Re-torquing wheels after vehicle servicing

When you bring your vehicle to our repair shop, if we have had your wheels off of the vehicle, we will ask you to return so we can re-torque the wheels. Your invoice will also have a statement on it advising that the wheels need to be re-torqued. You can do this yourself if you like, but if we were the ones to work on the car we do this at no charge to you. We always use a torque wrench to tighten your wheels when we re-install them. This is more of a safety concern now than it was 20 years ago. Vehicles are much more reliable today, but they are made with lighter materials and some of these are very fussy about how they are put together. Even a slight decrease or increase in the tightness of bolts and nuts can have adverse affects, in that they can loosen or they can break. 

Occasionally a customer will come into our auto repair shop with a concern of a noise; once in a while we find loose lug nuts that hold the tires and rims tight to the car. This usually happens shortly after they have had the vehicle in for servicing somewhere and the wheels were off or they have taken the wheel off themselves. Most automotive shops will use a torque wrench to tighten the wheel and this is the best way to make sure the nuts are tight but not so tight that the wheel studs break from too much pressure on them. Some vehicles are more prone to having the lug nuts loosen and will need multiple re-torquing to make sure they stay tight.

Loose wheels don’t happen often, but to be safe, have your wheels re-torqued within the first 100 KM after they have been put on. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner/driver that this is done. Loose wheels can cause a lot of damage to your car and potential injury to you and others. It doesn't take long to re-torque wheels and could save you a repair bill and a big headache.

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Friday, 21 November 2014

And the lucky winner is...

Thank you to everyone who entered the Valve Stem contest on our Facebook page! 

There were 75 guesses with a range from 31 to 175
However, no one guessed the correct number of 94
Therefore, we had a draw for the people whose guess was the closest"
 (Calvin Y - [93]; Marlon Z - [93]; Vanessa F [95]).

Congratulations to the lucky winner: Vanessa Froese

Follow our Facebook page "Crestview Auto Service" for more chances to win!

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Winter Driving in Saskatchewan

How well did you prepare your vehicle for winter? Here are some things to remember and some tips to help ready yourself for a winter trip. Plan to be safe this winter when you are out on the road, reducing the stress of winter driving.

Have your vehicle inspected and serviced to be sure you won’t break down in the cold. Winter conditions with snow, cold and icy roads demand that a vehicle be in top condition. For this reason, a winter readiness inspection is a necessity, and in the end is less annoying and less costly than battery boosts, calling a tow truck, being late and those unplanned hotel stays half way to your destination.

Before it’s too late and you’re on the side of the road or worse, stopped in the middle of the road, give us a call, e-mail or book online to set up an appointment for your vehicle. You will know the condition of your vehicle and what needs to be done for safe winter driving.

Having a block heater on your car and using it when temperatures are colder than -150c is the least expensive way to prevent engine damage from cold winter starts; just make sure you unplug before driving away.

Remember; daytime running lights on your vehicle usually only have the headlights on, not the park lights. They provide less light than when you turn the lights on yourself. At dusk or inclement weather you need to turn the lights on manually so others can see you from the front and the back; swirling snow, fog and cloudy days make it difficult to see and to be seen.

Tips before you head out on the road each day:

·        Unplug the car
·        Brush the snow off your car.
·        Scrape the windshield, rear and side windows.
·        Clear your heater air intake (this is usually between the windshield and the hood).
·        Clean your headlights, tail lights and signal lights.
·        Be sure to clear your tissue boxes, sunglasses, papers, etc., away from defroster                  outlets or your windows won’t clear properly.

For out of town or even for short trips, follow this link for information on what survival equipment to take with you in your vehicle: http://crestviewautoservice.blogspot.ca/2014/10/prepared-for-winter.html

Friday, 7 November 2014

New Contest: Know the number?

Can you GUESS how many VALVE STEMS are in the jar? Like our page on Facebook and submit your guess below our FB post. The correct answer will win a prize on November 21st. Good Luck!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Facebook Contests

Congratulations to Bina Edwards, the winner of our fall contest (pictured is her husband Colten who picked it up for her)! You can win too... Like our Facebook page "Crestview Auto Service" and stay tuned for more contests. Also, don't forget about the chance to win a PLAYSTATION 4, with a Winter Maintenance Service Package!

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Prepared for Winter

Are you prepared for winter driving? What should you take with you this winter?

Be prepared by keeping these items handy in your vehicle: 

• Spare Winter Clothing & Boots
• Emergency Drinking Water/Dried Food
• Emergency Blanket (& extra sleeping bag)
• Flashlight w/ Batteries
• Weatherproof Emergency Flares/Cones
• Emergency Whistle w/lanyard
• Hand Warmers (Pair), Feet Warmers (Pair)
• "Call Police" banner

• Safety matches
• A supply of Emergency Candles
• Coffee Can - one for candles & on for melting snow

• First Aid Kit

Additional Tips:
  • Many people have their cell phones. But do you keep a car charger for your phone in your vehicle at all times?
  • Winter Traction on ice can be enhanced by putting kitty litter down on the ice in front of the tires - but avoid clay based kitty litters, as it will mix with snow/slush and cause mud. 
  • A small shovel is helpful in case you have to dig yourself out, it doesn't have to be big but it needs to be sturdy enough not to break,
  • Glow sticks can be a handy way to alert emergency vehicles. Tie a shoelace to the end and by swinging it around like a lasso, it is a very effective signal from the ground or the sky. 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Contests at Crestview


Visit our Facebook page "Crestview Auto Service" for our current contest. Like our page to be entered and stay tuned for future contests and promotions. It's that easy! 

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fuel Economy Tips you can take to the bank

The following maintenance and driving tips can translate into fuel cost savings and cash in the bank; read along to find ways you can save some cash. It’s like paying less for fuel each time you fill up. Information gathered from Car Care Canada.

1)     Tires inflated properly, even one tire that is 8 PSI low can have the same affect as saving up to $0.04/litre. For the average driver that’s the same as saving $69 a year in fuel cost. If you drive a truck it can be over $100 per year.

2)     Avoid aggressive driving, this can mean up to a 40% change in fuel cost. For a car that could be a savings of almost $700 a year and over $1000 with a truck.

3)     Remove excessive weight, for every 45 kgs (100 lbs.) extra weight in the vehicle, fuel economy drops between 1 and 2% that’s between $30 and $50 a year for every 45 kgs. So the question is - What’s in your trunk?

4)     Use a block heater; because a cold engine does not burn fuel efficiently you will use more fuel starting your car/truck in winter when it is not plugged in. Depending on how cold it gets, this can make a difference of up to 10% on economy during the cold winter months.

5)     Properly tuned engine, from maintenance tune-ups to major running issues the benefits add up. Annual savings from $100 to over $1000 a year in extreme cases.

6)     Observe the speed limit. Reducing speed from 120 km/h to 110 km/h typically saves at least 10%, the bigger the vehicle the more you save. Annual savings of $175 to over $500.

      Crestview Auto Service is a proud partner of Trusted Saskatoon and will work with you as "We'll Help Keep Your Vehicle Young A Long Time" - visit us online at www.crestviewautoservice.ca or call at (306) 244-6522. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

(P2) More Tidbits

(P2) Tidbits of information about Canada you may never need:

Did you know?

·   36X - Married couples are 36 times more likely than the average person to spend money on vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry (2014).

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Winter and Tire Differences

Often at this time of year we are asked “why isn’t an all season tire or even a four-season tire [with the snowflake symbol on the tire] good enough for winter?” The difference is in the type of rubber and the design of the tread. The most common comment we hear from someone after having winter tires is “why did I wait so long to get them?”

All season tires are really only 3 season tires at best. The tread is designed for long life; because of this the tire does not have the lugs needed for good snow traction. Also the rubber used in the tread becomes hard and less flexible as the temperature starts dropping below 7 degrees Celsius, making the tire slip on ice and snow.  

Four season tires are a compromise and winter traction is sacrificed to get longer life out of the tire. They are really all season tires with a slightly more flexible rubber compound and a tread pattern that works ok in snow. Unfortunately, the tread compound is designed for long life making it only a bit better than all season tires on ice.

Winter stud-less tires are the best for most winter driving; they will have a very flexible tread that grabs the road for the best traction through the winter. Some winter tires have provisions for studs. These tires generally have a blockier tread pattern that is great in snow but the tire does not flex as much as a stud-less winter tire; these tires rely more on the studs for the added ice traction.  

At Crestview Auto Service, we can help you find the winter tire that is right for you. We recommend booking in late September/early October. Remember to book ahead of time. Appointments can be made online at www.crestviewautoservice.ca or by phone (306) 244-6522. We look forward to helping you be prepared for winter driving. 

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(*Note: The picture with the two cars depicts braking distance at a speed of 50 km/hr).

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

(P1) More Tidbits

(P1) Tidbits of information about Canada you may never need:

Did you know? 

· 6600 - the number of plug-in electric cars driving on Canadian roads as of April 2014

(Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry, 2014).

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Be prepared for winter...

September is here and that means winter isn't too far away. Over the next several weeks we will be posting about winter maintenance and what you should know; things to have in your vehicle in case of emergency; and information on winter tires. You can get ahead of the rush by scheduling your appointment in advance. Our website offers you the convenience to book online (www.crestviewautoservice.ca) or phone one of our service advisors at (306) 244-6522.
"We'll Keep Your Car Young A Long Time"

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Brakes! More than Brake Pad Replacement

Many times a vehicle that has not seen regular maintenance inspections will suddenly have strange noises coming from the wheels when you step on the brakes, or at times just coasting down the road. Notice I said “maintenance inspections” not just “maintenance”. Maintenance inspections do not happen when a “Quick lube” service is used which can be at the dealership or an oil change franchise. It’s the regular maintenance inspections that will keep the surprise noises from happening unexpectedly, because you know the condition of your vehicle.

When the noise starts, many drivers make the assumption, and they may be right, that the car needs brake pads. The owner then calls us up and asks “how much for brake pads?” Our response to the question is “how do you know you need brake pads”? We aren’t trying to be difficult by asking questions; our goal is to make a repair that will address the concern instead of a quick fix, which gets rid of the symptom, but doesn’t completely address what is needed for a proper repair. Failure to perform an inspection before a repair usually leads to a partial fix, getting rid of the symptom but not the cause, which increases stress and frustration levels for all concerned. Often times the brake pads are worn abnormally due to other components not functioning as intended. If we just replaced the brake pads, the new pads would wear out very quickly, increasing your expenses beyond what they should have been.

Each year vehicle quality has improved with cars and trucks lasting much longer. The time between service intervals has doubled and tripled on many vehicles.  Although brake systems on cars and trucks have improved and correspondingly last longer, the basic system is essentially the same as it was 30 years ago. We have a hydraulic system to activate the brake system and at each wheel are friction surfaces that rub against each other to stop the vehicle when pressure is applied. It is these surfaces that wear out over time, but the components that apply the pressure are also under a lot of heat and stress each time we step on the brake pedal. The heat created takes a toll on all of the friction and hydraulic components; through the inspection process it is determined whether the brake linings, calipers, wheel cylinders, hydraulic hoses and master cylinder, hydraulic fluid and more are performing properly. Those components that are underperforming or worn need to be serviced to get the expected life out of the new brake pads.  At a minimum, with any brake repair, the moving parts such as calipers, mounts and backing plates need to be cleaned and lubricated and the drums or rotors need to have a clean-machined surface to operate effectively. 

Brake systems are sealed so the hydraulic fluid won’t be contaminated from moisture and particles in the air but over time this can still happen. Also each time we step on and release the brake pedal the fluid moves back and forth, which over time will contaminate the system with material from inside the hydraulic components and lines. These contaminants, which are abrasive, build up enough to cause increased wear and can lead to much bigger repair bills if neglected. For this reason flushing the system is recommended based on time and mileage intervals.

By design and for safety reasons, brakes need to function at full capacity until they are at the minimum wear specification. This is before they are completely worn away. As the linings get thinner they will overheat causing the brakes to be much less effective; you would notice this more during a fast stop as you try to avoid hitting something. When the brakes overheat your stopping distance is longer even though you need it shorter. 

Not all brake lining materials are created equal; rather the life of an entry-level lining may be half the life of a premium lining. Also brakes can make some noise and still be “ok”, but we have found that when entry level or medium grade brake linings are used, the life expectancy and “squeaky brake” syndrome are more prevalent. Premium brake linings are well worth the additional up front costs due to the extended life and quieter operation.

The introduction of Anti-Lock brakes has been the biggest change over the years. This is an add-on to the basic system, which effectively uses a powerful computer system to pulsate the brakes for the driver when the tires start to skid. This limits the skidding and allows the driver the control to steer around objects instead of hitting them. 

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www.crestviewautoservice.ca - "We'll Keep Your Car Young A Long Time" 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Brake Safety

Do you have questions about brakes and how they work? August is Brake Safety Awareness MonthSend us a message and we will try to answer as many questions as possible in our upcoming posts. 

Stay tuned for more information from the Crestview team, a proud partner of trustedsaskatoon.com and the only NAPA AutoPro in Saskatoon.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Convenient Appointments


Crestview Auto Service provides the convenient option to BOOK an appointment ONLINE! Go to the website at http://www.crestviewautoservice.ca/ - click on "appointments book on-line" and fill out the short form... It's that easy!

We are a proud Trusted Saskatoon partner and the only NAPA AutoPro in Saskatoon.

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Month of Myths - #10

Myth 10: If it's not broke, don't fix it (or) No news is good news.

Vehicles need to be serviced even when the "Check Engine Light" isn't on. You should be following the Maintenance Schedule as outlined in your vehicle owner's manual. 

Contact Crestview Auto Service about their complimentary inspections and roadside assistance with repair and maintenance service. Conveniently book online at www.crestviewautoservice.ca 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Month of Myths - #9

Myth 9: I do not drive under "severe" conditions.

Most Canadians drive under "severe" conditions, but believe they drive under "normal" conditions. Severe conditions include:
  • Cold weather.
  • Extensive idling or stop-and-go driving.
  • Driving less than 8 kilometers per trip, or in freezing temperatures driving less than 16 km per trip.
  • Driving in extremely hot (over 32C) conditions. 
  • Trailer towing, driving with a roof rack, or driving in mountainous conditions.
  • Driving on muddy, dusty, or de-iced roads.
The Service Advisors at Crestview Auto Service are available to discuss the needs and maintenance schedule of your vehicle. Complimentary Roadside Assistance with repair and maintenance service. Call (306) 244-6522 to find out more. 

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Month of Myths - #8

Myth 8: The service schedule is just a way for service people to make money.

Your vehicle's service schedule was designed by automotive engineers not service technicians and is the minimum required service interval. Maintaining your car helps keep your driving trouble-free while it preserves your investment. 

Crestview Auto Service is a proud partner of Trusted Saskatoon and the only NAPA AutoPro in Saskatoon. Click here to find out about the Trusted Business Guarantee

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Month of Myths - #7

Myth 7: The only fluids I need to worry about are oil and gas.

Most people neglect the other fluids in their vehicle, these include:
  • Brake
  • Coolant/Anti-Freeze
  • Power Steering
  • Transmission
  • Washer Fluid
This two-part article will provide more information on fluids and the importance of regular maintenance. If you have any questions about your vehicle, our service advisors are ready to answer your call. (306) 244-6522. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Month of Myths - #6

Myth 6: I get my vehicle serviced twice/year, so I don't need a pre-trip vehicle inspection.

Vehicles need to be properly maintained year round. But a pre-vacation inspection performed by a qualified automotive technician can avoid costly repairs and inconvenience. 

Visit our post on pre-holiday maintenance for more info, click here: Previous Post

Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer And Vacations Go Hand In Hand

Start your summer vacation off on the right foot; have your vehicle properly serviced and ready for the trip ahead. Hot weather and cold weather have one thing in common, your vehicle doesn't like either one. Ever notice the vehicles sitting on the side of the highway are usually a long way from home? That’s because the shorter trips we normally take don’t get all the moving components up to temperature like a longer trip does. Even a 1 or 2 hour trip to the lake can be enough for some vehicles to succumb to the heat and pressure created from an extended drive. Belts, hoses and cooling systems take a real beating with the added heat generated which can leave you stranded for a few hours or days if you haven’t been fortunate to stop in time, ending up with a serious mechanical failure and your car undriveable. Cooling system failure can happen very fast with devastating results, this is also a major cause of engine damage; and that’s never cheap to repair. While you are driving be sure to keep an eye on the temperature gauge, if you see it rising beyond its normal position to the “hot” zone you can try turning off the air conditioning. If that doesn't help and the gauge is at or in the hot zone, pull over as soon as possible to avoid creating any additional problems from the heat.

Start your trip out the safe reliable way; have a comprehensive inspection performed to make sure you don’t have any surprises when you least expect them. Routine service inspections are intended to identify potential trouble areas that should be addressed before they become problems. This helps have a stress free holiday or even a weekend away.  

Let the Crestview team get your vehicle ready for travel. To book an appointment and read more about us visit us on line at crestviewautoservice.ca 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Month of Myths - #5

Myth 5: Warm weather means less car worries. 

Cooling system neglect is cited as a principal reason for mechanical failure of a vehicle. In addition to the danger and inconvenience of a breakdown, the damage to the engine and transmission can add up to thousands of dollars. Discovering a leaking radiator, hose connection, a sticking thermostat or other cooling system component that's on "borrowed time" can save the life of your engine. 

Contact Crestview Auto Service today and ask about our complimentary inspections. We look forward to serving you and discussing your summer maintenance needs. 


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Month of Myths - #4

Myth 4: Vehicle technology today is so advanced I don't need to worry about emissions. 
To help reduce emissions, keep your vehicle well maintained. A poorly maintained engine can use up to 50% more fuel and produce 50% more CO2 than one that runs properly. 

At Crestview Auto Service, the Service Advisors will help you find the right maintenance schedule for your vehicle. The technicians can provide maintenance services (such as an oil change) to vehicles still under warranty (see Myth #1). Cars, Trucks, Motor homes and Fleet vehicles are all welcome. 

Contact: (306) 244-6522 or www.crestviewautoservice.ca 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Month of Myths - #3

Myth 3: I can wash my vehicle with mild dish soap.
More than one-third of car owners use damaging non-automotive products when washing their cars - products that could contain harmful detergents, abrasives or additives. 

Enjoy a complimentary car wash when you bring your vehicle into Crestview Auto Service for repairs or maintenance. Call today to find out more (306) 244-6522, or visit our website at www.crestviewautoservice.ca 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Month of Myths - #2

Myth 2: Paint chips and nicks don't affect my warranty. 

To keep your new vehicle paint and corrosion warranty valid, have dents, scratches and collision damaged panels inspected and repaired. New cars have a minimum five-year rust perforation warranty. Unprotected panels that cause rust will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Crestview Auto Service is a quality service facility and a proud partner of Trusted Saskatoon. Visit us at www.crestviewautoservice.ca for more information or to book online.  

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Month of Myths - #1

Myth 1: To maintain my warranty I can only have my car serviced at a dealership.

Service at a dealer is not mandatory to keep your warranties in effect. Maintenance may be done by any qualified service facility or by a person who is skilled in automotive service. Keep all receipts as proof of completion, and have the service provider fill out the Maintenance Record.

Crestview Auto Service is a quality service facility and can assist in all of your maintenance needs. Visit us at www.crestviewautoservice.ca for more information or to book online.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Certified Technicians

Did you know?

Crestview Auto Service has quality certified technicians waiting to look after you and your vehicle, whether for general maintenance, specialized service, larger vehicles (including motorhomes), and/or SGI inspections. Crestview is also a proud partner of Trusted Saskatoon and the only NAPA AutoPro in Saskatoon. Easy and convenient to book online or by phone. We look after cars, trucks, motorhomes and fleet vehicles. Visit our website, Google Plus page or Blogger for more information about us.


Monday, 7 July 2014

(Post 5) Tidbits

(P5) Tidbits of information about Canada you may never need:

• 150, the # of new vehicle models and major redesigns introduced by manufacturers from 2010 to 2012
• 260, the # of new vehicle models and major redesigns expected to be introduced between 2013 and 2015

(Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry, 2013)

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

(Post 4) Tidbits

(P4) Tidbits of information about Canada you may never need:

• $623.47 the average amount Canadians underspent on vehicle maintenance
• $876.00 the average Canadians spent on vehicle repairs and maintenance
• $1491.00 the average yearly cost expected to maintain a vehicle

(Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry, 2013)

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Friday, 4 July 2014

(Post 3) Tidbits

(P3) Tidbits of information about Canada you may never need:

• 22,500 the # of independent automotive service shops in Canada
• 3,464 the # of automotive dealerships in Canada

Did you know you can book online with Crestview? Visit our website to schedule an appointment at www.crestviewautoservice.ca

(Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry, 2013)

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

(Post 2) Tidbits

(P2) Tidbits of information about Canada you may never need:

How many kilometers is on your odometer? Check this out! The pic is in MILES that equals 854540.7 KILOMETERS! Visit our website www.crestviewautoservice.com to see how you can help keep your vehicle young a long time.

Did you know?
• 320,000, the average odometer reading when a vehicle is retired
• 230,000, the average odometer reading in 2003 when a vehicle was retired
• 103,542 the # of vehicle service bays in Canada

(Information gathered from Government of Canada and the automotive industry, 2013).

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